Game of Thrones Theme (metal version).

Composed by Ramin Djawadi
Arranged by ArtificialFear

Tanooki Suit - Lordvessel

This song is all about Dark Souls, and oh my lordvessel is it wonderful.

I will walk through the fog
As I welcome death  (I will pillage these bodies)
I will feed to the fire
These shards of a soul

That second gif.


I don’t know how he filmed this but it’s incredible, many props to Twizard50

THIS is why I wish I could sing.

"Giorgio loves Sonic" 

O Fortuna - Misheard Lyrics (animated)

The Engineer Guy shows us how a smartphone recognizes up from down.

This man runs a really cool YouTube channel, and I highly recommend it.

My vote for the Season 7 theme.

Plus bonus “I Am The Doctor” cover.


Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, rolling a Reliant Robin around.

Mainly for shits and giggles. But holy shit this is funny :D

And in case you’re running low on condoms, you can always grow one for more fun and gimmicks.

Or for sex. Whatever.