South and North Korea


I just saw on a news article that South Korea is mobilizing for war. 

So far they have built 200 Bunkers along the DMZ. About 2000 yards back from there they have positioned their Siege Tanks, and I hear they ramped up their research in their Engineering Bay to Level 3. 

Plus….I don’t know if it’s just a rumor but I hear they are researching Stim-Packing for their Infantry. That’s messed up Biotech-Drugs man. 

Crazy scary stuff. 

My money is on the South Koreans, all that crazy micro, NK has no chance.

Saw this on a shirt on 4chan. 
Holy shit it’s awesome :D

Saw this on a shirt on 4chan. 

Holy shit it’s awesome :D

And more …

I’ve done a fair bit of looking into it, and everything doesn’t add up. Heres my findings and I have included sources. Will probably get down voted to hell but I hope to give at least one of you a better understanding of whats going on. Theres ALWAYS two sides to every story. This viral film has caught the attention of heaps of young folk but you are all far too late. Watching that Kony video is essentially watching old news. They started filming in 2003, and northern Uganda has been free of LRA violence and war for over five years. In fact, the LRA have signed a peace accord! They are rebuilding and are restoring the peace.

Yes the leader is still out there however the recruitment of children has decreased 80%. This isn’t due to the Invisible Children organisation, its because Ugandan military and the ICC have intercepted. The Invisible Children group are trying to pass a bill that allows America to militarise the region… They are providing misinformation to woo idealistic followers. The group have combined multiple regional conflicts to make it appear that this is one rapidly increasing issue. When confronted about their dodgy tactics, the head spokesperson stated;

“I agree with you that leading people to believe that the war is still happening in Uganda is not ethically right. It’s something we’ve been addressing internally, focusing on getting all staff and supporters on the same page (of communication).”

If you read the news, or even had an ounce of interest in the on-going unrest in Africa you would already know this and not be fooled. Yes, awful things happen to people in 3rd world countries but this has been occurring for centuries, it isn’t a recent occurrence.

I think its only fair if I am to make such comments I provide sources (unlike the people over at Invisible Children…)


Michael Kirkpatrick, a long-time Independent Global Citizen, he has resided in Uganda and other regions of Africa. He has no political, religious or financial agenda. He wrote this article and gave an in-depth insight to whats really going on. He also questioned important members of Invisible Children about their motives. [1]

Charity Navigator is a website that breaks down the proceeds and donations given to Invisible Children and subsequently shows what percentile of that is REALLY going towards these impoverished kids. A measly slither of what is going into the founders pockets. [2]

I’ve read an interesting passage from Northern Ugandan man however it is not 100% verified - he has advised the Northern Ugandan parliament have listed IC as their main priority on their “fraudulent activity” list. (See 2nd comment, username Livingstone). [3] THIS article asking Invisible Children why they were pressuring poor AND illegal piece of legislation has since been removed and deleted. [4]

ADDITIONALLY - There were members of Invisible Children were saying what their “allowance” could purchase them, it was on a forum on the official website, and this has also been REMOVED. [5]

Also: [6]

This was a comment on reddit, by user JimmyDeanKNVB.

She (Florence Green) was 110 years old.

Somehow feels like a chapter of history has finally closed. (Though we still have photographs and videos from that era).



Anonymous declares war on Facebook on, yep, you guessed it: the fifth of November.

They have a point, though.

Hope I haven’t uploaded all this already xD

Hope I haven’t uploaded all this already xD