"We are supports, silent guardians watchful protectors
The game starts, and now my watch begins.
I shall take no kills, farm no minions, and win no glory.
We are the wards in the darkness of fog of war.
We are the ping that wakes the sleeper.
The shield that guards the health bars of ADCs.
I pledge my life and honor to the team, for this game and all the games to come.
Though we may fall, our team will soar."

League of Legends twist to the Night’s Watch Oath, from Game of Thrones

Dirty Laundry.

Amazing ten minute short. A bit gory, but amazing short film.

The Time Lord of the Rings

The Time Lord of the Rings

The math checks out, don’t worry.

The math checks out, don’t worry.

"A friend of mine told me that he didn’t get a fortune in his fortune cookie. I told him that was unfortunate. Nobody laughed."


explain Tumblr’s fascination with the phrase “I’m done”, or “I’m 10000000% done”, or “I’m donner than done”.

Are you cross at what you’ve seen? Is the post too funny and you need a break for a bit? 

Reddit and Tumblr are similar with these weird catchphrases, except I understand a lot of Reddit’s as they AREN’T CRYPTIC AS ALL HELL.

So done right now. (am i doin it rite, guise?)

There is a lot of sexy hair in New Who :d

There is a lot of sexy hair in New Who :d



To drive.


I can’t even.

After extensive peer review, the Higgs Boson has finally become actual science.

CERN has not confirmed this is the Higgs Boson, but: 

"… as the Standard Model of particle physics only has one undiscovered particle remaining, it probably is the Higgs boson.”

There is also the outside chance of it NOT being the HB, so what happens then? How does a Higgs-less universe come about? Who knows?

All that means is we would have to come up with a new method of physics to explain how particles acquire mass.