A Thought on “Best Friends”


Being best friends with someone doesn’t mean that you Skype twice a week at a specific time every time.  It doesn’t mean that you text each other all the time, or call every Sunday night before you go to sleep. You don’t have to litter their Timelines or their Ask Boxes with inside jokes or half-hearted “I love you”s in an attempt to keep the relationship as strong as it used to be. 

Because if you really are best friends, you shouldn’t have to do any of that stuff to still be best friends.  And you shouldn’t be upset if your counterpart in this relationship doesn’t do those things - people have lives beyond one friendship, and real best friends realize and respect that.  Being best friends shouldn’t be work. It shouldn’t be hard. You shouldn’t feel threatened that the relationship is going to break just because your contact is somewhat lacking. 

Being best friends with someone means that even when you’re apart for months, or sometimes even years, and you don’t keep up constant contact, and you both get other friends, and interests, and your personalities change, you still come back together at some point and you act like nothing has changed. Because nothing has. You’re still best friends. And if you feel like you need to prove that to each other, then you obviously never were. 


I did not know this :OSource 

I did not know this :O


Okay, that was funny xD

Today, February 1st 2012, marks the first day of Eating Disorder Awareness Month. Reblog if you have suffered from an eating disorder, know someone who has had an eating disorder, or are simply there for anyone who needs support and wants to talk about their struggles with an eating disorder. Most importantly, remember you are not alone.

This is astounding, Washoe the chimpanzee expressed sadness in clear sign language when she hears the heart-breaking news. Washoe had previously lost two of her own babies.

In a related turn of accidental perspicacity, The Onion reported that scientists have taught a gorilla will someday die.

When parody becomes reality. Remarkable.

Merry Who-mas Everyone!

So I got a Doctor Who shirt for Christmas: “The Angels Have The Phone Box” and I was ecstatic, but it was too small :(
My mum went to return it today and get a medium, but they didn’t have any, so she got this one instead :D

Make sure you can recognize the signs of drowning, you never know when you may need this information.

Just a list of the stupidest things they managed to accomplish.


Discussion/Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/k9zrf/top_10_reasons_you_shouldnt_be_afraid_of_the/