This is a recreation of what the big bang sounded like, using data from the ESA’s Planck Satellite Mission. The sound is actually such a low frequency that the creator had to boost the signal 100 septillion times just for it to be in the range of human hearing.

“As the early universe expanded, sound waves propogated through the dense medium that closed back on itself, so that the hypersphere of the universe rang like a bell.” - John Cramer, physics professor at the University of Washington.

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Jacob Barnett, 13, is probably the most intellectual teenager you will ever meet.
With a recorded mathematical IQ of 170, he’s already been offered a position as a top-level, high paid researcher for the physics and origins of the universe.

His argument about the Big Bang is that for the entirety of the Carbon to form in the universe would have taken too long and thus we never would have formed were this the case.

So, what’s the answer? Well, he’s working on it.  

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