That link leads to a random Wikipedia page. From your random page, the goal is to try and get to Hitler’s page through only following links.  Don’t cheat and click on something you think won’t get you to the page, you have to try to reach it. You win if it takes you more than six clicks!

Because I saw that post about Wikipedia link adventures cross my dash a few times. We used to play this in my old guild haha

What the -

Koval’skiy (crater) > Sklodowska (lunar crater) > Poland > Adolf Hitler 

Minto, Manitoba > Governor General of Canada > World War II > Adolf Hitler

Katholischer Studentenveriein Askania-Burgudia Berlin > Berlin > Adolf Hitler

Alma Gol Lake > Iran > Aryan > Hitler

Amilia Shoppes> ferham> World War II> Adolf hitler

Domevre-En-Haye > France > Blitzkrieg > Hitler

South West African Labour & Farmers > Political Party > Nazi Germany > Adolf Hitler